Papua New Guinea Prints

Papua New Guinea Prints

Melanie Eastburn

Papua New Guinea Prints

Canberra: National Gallery of Australia, 2006

118 pages, 110 colour illustrations, 30x25cm. Bibliography, Index.

ISBN 978-0-642-54116-1

Papua New Guinea Prints is the first in-depth study of printmaking in Papua New Guinea from its beginnings in the late 1960s to the present. It explores the National Gallery of Australia's exceptional collection of over 600 prints and drawings from Papua New Guinea, including the earliest known contemporary prints. Richly illustrated and clearly written, Papua New Guinea Prints is a groundbreaking contribution to the understanding of a vital period in the history of art in Papua New Guinea. The book is the result of research undertaken by Melanie Eastburn while the inaugural recipient of the Gordon Darling Fellowship for the study of prints and printmaking in Australia and the Australasian region.

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Table of Contents

  • Early images
  • Leading the way
    • Akis
    • Mathias Kauage
    • Marie Taita Aihi
    • Jakupa Ako
  • Independent expressions
    • David Lasisi
    • Kambau Namaleu Lamang
    • Martin Morububuna
    • Sili Koriam
    • Apelis Maniot
    • Cecil King Wungi
  • Revitalising printmaking
  • Bibliography
  • Checklist
  • Index


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Series editor: Roger Butler

Papua New Guinea prints is the first book to be published by the National Gallery of Australia in this new series. Supported by the Gordon Darling Australasian Print Fund, it will publish the research of scholars awarded The Gordon Darling Fellowship and other material which makes a significant contribution to scholarship relating to prints and printmaking in Australia and the Asian Pacific region.