Fourth symposium (2001)

Australian Print Symposium

Reproduction in the Australasian Region


National Gallery of Australia, 20 -22 April 2001

Convenor: Roger Butler, Senior Curator of Australian Prints, National Gallery of Australia

This symposium was supported by the Gordon Darling Australasian Print Fund

The Fourth Australian Print Symposium was held to coincide with the major exhibition Islands in the sun: Prints by Indigenous artists of the Australasian region.

Keynote Address

The art of reproduction.
Edward Colles

Edward Colless, Senior Lecturer, School of Art, University of Tasmania. His book of selected writings The Error of My Ways was published by the Institute of Modern Art, Brisbane in 1995. ‘Edward Colless is one of Australia’s finest unclassifiable, border-crossing poet, he dissolves the conventional lines separating art criticism, fiction, reverie and autobiography.’ (Adrian Martin)


Low profile.
Zara Stanhope

Zara Stanhope is Director, Adam Art Gallery, Victoria University of Wellington, Aotearoa New Zealand

The Top 20 Amateur Wrestling Sites: The Syntax and Circulation of Public Domain Web Images.
Chrisopher Chapman

Christopher Chapman is Director, Experimental Art Foundation, Adelaide

Wrapped in text/Raptor text: encoding nature in Speilberg’s Jurassic Park.
Alison Munro

Alison Munro is a Canberra-based artist

Image production

Title to be announced.
John Young.

John Young is Melbourne based artist who uses replicated images in his paintings.

Helen Wright - Pocesses and images.
Penny Mason

Penny Mason is a Launceston based artist, Lecturer in Painting and Drawing. School of Visual and Performing Art, University of Tasmania

Home decor (after Margaret Preston) - Digital prints by Gordon Bennett.
Ian McLean

Ian McLean is Senior Lecturer, School of Architecture and Fine Art, University of Western Australia

In the region

Torres Strait Islander printmaking.
Brian Robinson

Brian Robinson a Cairns based Torres Strait Islander artist is Curator of Indigenous Art, Cairns Regional Gallery. Brian is co-curator of the exhibition Islands in the Sun, a collaboration between Cairns Regional Gallery and the National Gallery of Australia.

Printmaking in Papua New Guinea.
Melanie Eastburn

Melanie Eastburn was the inaugural recipient of The Gordon Darling Fellowship for the Study of Australasian Prints.

The regional effect.
Marian Maguire

Marian Maguire artist and printer, established PaperGraphica, in Christchurch, Aotearoa New Zealand in 1995. Like The Limeworks, which she established in 1987, the workshop specialises in lithography. Marian has printed the works of Ralph Hotere and John Pule, among others.

Working together

Title to be announced.
Michel Tuffery

Michel Tuffery is a Pacific Islander printmaker and performance artist based in Aotearoa New Zealand.

Unfamiliar Territory: The Art of Constant Translation.
Nigel Lendon

Nigel Lendon is a Reader in Visual Arts and Deputy Director, ANU Canberra School of Art.

Meeting of the Waters; a dialogue in visual language.
Jan Hogan

Jan Hogan is a Darwin based artist. Jan Hogan was a coordinator of the Australasian Print Project at the University of Northern Territory, Darwin.

Places of Production

Here, there and almost everywhere.
Anne Virgo

Anne Virgo. Director, Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne. The Australian Print Workshop, one of the oldest print workshops in Australia, this year celebrates 20 years of production.

Lock, stock and two burning tapers (Workshop in the bush - NT style).
Basil Hall

Basil Hall is Editioning Manager, Northern Editions, Northern Territory University. Basil Hall was formerly the Director of Studio One, Canberra.

The devils triangle: Open Bite Print Workshop.
Clive Barstow

Clive Barstow is Senior Lecturer and Co-ordinator of the Printmaking programme at the WA School of Visual Arts, Edith Cowan University.

Speaking of artists

A life in woodcuts: L’Appassionarta.
Salvatore Zofrea

Salvatore Zofrea. Sydney based artist who over the last decade has produced a series of narrative woodcut suites.

The humble linocut in the age of digital technology.
G.W. Bot

G.W.Bot. Canberra based artist who works extensively in linocuts.

Keeping in Touch

Open forum

Ways and Means

Not Picasso's invention - a foray into the history of reductive linoprinting.
Alisa Bunbury

Alisa Bunbury is Associate Curator of Prints, Drawings and Photographs, Art Gallery of South Australia. Alisa Bunbury’s MA thesis (Melbourne University) was devoted to the Melbourne painter and printmaker Murray Griffin.

A tear in the fabric.
Heather Shimmen

Heather Shimmen is a Melbourne based printmaker. Her innovative use of the linocut technique gained her the Grand prize in the Silk Cut Awards for Linocut Prints in 1998.

Drypoint encaustic painting.
Kim Westcott

Kim Westcott is a Melbourne based painter and printmaker, Westcott has worked at the Australian Print Workshop, Melbourne, and with Garner Tullis, New York. A monograph on her work was published by Craftsman House, Sydney in 1998.

The Australian Print Access Initiative:
Roger Butler

Roger Butler is Senior Curator, Australian Prints and Drawings, National Gallery of Australia