First symposium (1989)

Australian Print Symposium

National Print Symposium


National Gallery of Australia, 25-27 March 1989

Convenor: Roger Butler, Curator of Australian Prints, Australian National Gallery for the Print Council of Australia.

The First Australian Print Symposium was structured to complement the major Australian Bicentennial exhibition Prints and Australia: Pre-Settlement to present presented at the National Gallery of Australia in 1989.

Keynote address

The Tamarind Lithographic Workshop.
June Wayne

June Wayne is highly regarded internationally for her innovations in the printmaking field. Her stature and reputation is due both to her explorations in various print media and to her instrumental role in the now widespread interest in lithography, through her establishment of The Tamarind Lithography Workshop, Los Angeles.


Artists' Perspectives

In praise of backyard presses and the long way round.
Bea Maddock.

Bea Maddock painter, printmaker and papermaker, has worked in Tasmania, England and Victoria. She was formerly Head of Printmaking at The National Gallery of Victoria Art School.

As a student I didn’t lean anything about printmaking.
Colin Lanceley

Colin Lanceley, one of the Annandale Realists, first produced prints while in London in the 1970s.

A context for my work.
Ken Orchard

Ken Orchard is both artist and theorist. He has created large scale woodblock prints which utilise printed images from the nineteenth century.

How the hell do we cause a change in attitude?
Kate Lohse

Kate Lohse studied printmaking with Mirabel Fitzgerald and at the Workshop Arts Center, Willoughby. She now lives in Broken Hill.

Print Education/Criticism/Originality

Education in print.
Margaret Brandel

Margaret Brandel is an Education Officer at the Australian National Gallery

Safety in printmaking.
Laurel McKenzie

Laurel McKenzie is Lecturer in printmaking at Box Hill College of TAFE, Melbourne.

Pat Gilmour is Senior Curator, International Art at the Australian National Gallery. She has written extensively on prints and print collaboration.

Print criticism.
Christopher Allen.

Christopher Allen is a Sydney-based art writer.

The Print Council of Australia.
Grahame King

Grahame King a printmaker who specialises in lithography, helped form the Print Council of Australia and The Victorian (later) Australian Print Workshop

Public Collections

Daniel Thomas curated the first major exhibition of Australian prints in 1963 when Curator of Australian Art at the Art Gallery of New South Wales. He is presently Director of the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Prints at the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery.
Ron Radford

Ron Radford former Director of the Ballarat Fine Art Gallery and now Senior Curator of Painting at the Art Gallery of South Australia.

Prints at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.
Kay Vernon

Kay Vernon is Assistant Curator of Prints at the Art Gallery of New South Wales.

The true beginnings of the National Gallery of Victoria’s print collection.
Irena Zdanowicz

Irena Zdanowicz is Curator of Prints at the National Gallery of Victoria.

Australian prints - making a national collection.
Roger Butler

Roger Butler is Curator of Prints, Posters and Illustrated Books at the Australian National Gallery.

Custom Printing, Print publishing and Print Collecting

Custom or collaborative printing.
John Loane

Joan Loane was the inaugural Director of the Victorian Print Workshop (later Australian Print Workshop) in Melbourne. He is now the Director of Viridian Press in Melbourne.

Port Jackson Press.
David Rankin

David Rankin, painter and printmaker is the Director of the print publisher Port Jackson Press

Printing for artists.
Neil Leveson

Neil Leveson is Director of the Victorian Print Workshop

Political/Social concerns

Political posters in Adelaide.
Mandy Martin

Many Martin, a political activist, produced political posters in Adelaide in the 1970s. She is now a Lecturer in Painting at the Canberra School of Art.

Marie McMahon - Printing in Three Registers.
Julie Ewington


Community arts and printmaking.
Andrew Hill


Politics and social concerns in respect to Aboriginal printers or printmakers.
Jeffrey Samuels


Community arts.
Eugenia Hill