David Jones' Galleries [George st]

David Jones' Galleries [George st] | DAVID JONES' | DAVID JONES' GEORGE STREET STORE

(active by 1936)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

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Lilias Garling (1909–)

A corner of Clovelly [sepia].


B. Richards

A glimpse of Old Sydney.


Douglas Pratt (1900–1972)

A Monaro Monarch pencil.

Douglas Pratt (1900–1972)

A Quirindi glade pencil.

Cedric Emanuel (1906–1995)

A Rushcutter's Bay boatshed [pencil].


Cedric Emanuel (1906–1995)

A sunny corner.

F. Sidney Walker (1888–1972)


James Crisp (1879–1962)

An old Moreton Bay Fig tree. | An 0ld Moreton Bay Figtree.

Victor Cobb (1876–1945)

Approach to the old stables of Cobb and Co., Melbourne.



Leonard R. Squirrell (1893–1979)

Aquatint Lent by Mr H.R Gallop.

John Longstaff (1862–1941)

Arthur McCarthy [charcoal].

charcoal drawing

John Baird (1902–)

Barbary Sheep carbon.

Ambrose Poynter (1796–1886)

Bayeux, by Ambrose Poynter.

F. Sidney Walker (1888–1972)

Billabong in Riverina.

Dorrit Black (1891–1951)

Black swans.

Cedric Emanuel (1906–1995)

Blue's Point [pen and wash].

pen and wash

Dorothy Thornhill (1910–1987)

Boatshed, Berry's Bay chalk.

Harold Byrne (1899–1966)

Book Plates Sale) for (Not.

Max Ragless (1901–1981)

Bridgewater Mill.

Alfred C.R. Webster (1936)

Bush, Culvert pen and wash.