Craftwork for London.

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Craftwork for London.


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Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney) 18 April 1831 - ongoing


2 August 1938, page 4, column 5.

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2 August 1938


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N.S.W. Exhibit.

An exhibition of craftwork of the Society of Arts and Crafts of N.S.W., to be shown at the 50th anniversary exhibition of the English Arts and Crafts Society at Burlington House, London, in November, was opened by Miss Fairfax at No. 12 Spring Street yesterday. Goods valued at more than £300 will be forwarded to London next week.

Many of the articles shown had definite Australian character. Mrs. Vi Eyre had combined sharks' teeth, tree trunks and boomerangs in her design for a beer mug, using aborigine motifs, and clay for colouring. A pale yellow clay came from Tambourine Mountain, Queensland. In a vase was some clay, which is more a deposit than a clay, from the slowly re-forming Pink Terraces in New Zealand. It had been used with more plastic material for a fish motif. Mrs. Eyre has clay sent to her from as far afield at South Africa. She uses the different shades for colouring, but her basic clay she obtains from potteries.

Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Quick are sending a nursery curtain, with a gay traffic design red buses, blue steam rollers, trains, motor cars, and scooters, for which their small son, Robin, was chief critic, and a lovely length of linen printed in blue and brown in a bird design. Miss Nance Mackenzie has a spirited interpretation of tea horses in her tawny orange and cream curtain. Miss Rhoda Wager is sending a valuable consignment of jewellery.

For two years, the English Arts and Crafts Society has exhibited at the Australian Exhibition, and has now invited Australia to send a reciprocal exhibit. "We are sending everything for sale, and we hope that not many articles will return to Australia," said Miss Florence Sulman, who arranged for the English exhibits in former years.

Those who are exhibiting included Mesdames A. J. Brown, M. E. Darsow, Grace Seccombe, E. M. Spring, Misses Rosalie Wilson, Dorothy Wager, P. F. Thompson, Ethel Stephens, Eth- leen Palmer, Olive Nock, Ada Newman, Eirene Mort, Nell McCredie, Joan Mackenzie, Violet Mace, Myrtle Innes, Nell Holden, Mildred Creed, Marjorie Boyd, Jessica Booth, D Bamberger, and E. Atkinson.

[Sydney Morning Herald, 2 August 1938, p.4, col.5.]