Mr. Hopkins' etching.

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Mr. Hopkins' etching.


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Sydney Morning Herald (Sydney) 18 April 1831 - ongoing


7 June 1888, page 5, column 6.

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7 June 1888





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We have been shown an “artist’s proof” of an etching entitled “An Australian Lagoon,” from the pencil of Mr. L. Hopkins, after a painting of the same subject exhibited at the Art Society’s Exhibition a few weeks ago. The painting, which we noticed then, possessed some very fine qualities of breadth of treatment, and beauty of drawing and composition. The etching in its soft black-and-white form preserves all that fine atmospheric beauty of the picture, and, if anything, is mellower and more genial than the original. It is good to find that this, one of the oldest of art-multiplying methods, is being followed in the colonies. Its revival abroad of late years has done much to popularise and express the best that is produced in art, and fine subjects by the best artists in this fashion find their way into places where the influence of great paintings would otherwise never reach. We have plenty of subjects in Australia for the quaint and delicate work of the needle, and it is to be hoped that Mr. Hopkins’ excellent example will be followed by others of his friends in art.

[Sydney Morning Herald, 7 June 1888, p.5, col.6.]