A 'Thumping' report [caricature of Sir William Denison].

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A 'Thumping' report [caricature of Sir William Denison].


Hobart Town Mercury.


Hobart Town Mercury (Hobart)


15 August 1855, page 2, column 6.

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15 August 1855





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A “THUMPING” REPORT.- On Monday, the gossiping quid nuncs of the town were highly edified by a report that Sir William Denison had been soundly cudgelled by Sir Thomas Mitchell, the Surveyor-General of New South Wales, and marvellously gratified were Sir William’s enemies on the occasion. But “rumour, with her hundred tongues” was, as usual, at fault in the matter, which happened in the wise:- There is a periodical published at Sydney, called the “Sydney Scrap Book” in imitation of the London “Punch” and it appears that Sir William Denison, with his accustomed energy, has been instituting certain enquiries into the management of the Survey Office, and in the first number of the aforesaid periodical, there appears a caracature exhibiting the Survey Office, and with Sir William at the door, and Sir Thomas with a stout cudgel in his fist, looking out of one of the windows, and apparently waiting for the entree of His Excellency to administer “club law.” Hence the rumour, which, as a matter of course, has been duly amplified; first, Sir William was thrashed in his own vice-regal residence, then in the street, and afterwards in the Survey Office, and we have no doubt that by the time the rumour reaches Launceston, we shall find that His Excellency’s throat has been cut!

[Hobarton Mercury, 15 August 1855, p.2, col.6.]

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