A camera on the Somme.

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A camera on the Somme.


Bendigo Art Gallery (14 June 2009 – 2 August 2009)




Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Photographs

Country of context



The First World War was an industrial war of global proportions which looms large in the Australian psyche. It was into this world conflict that two young brothers from central Victoria, Jack and Bert Grinton, found themselves serving in the trenches of France and Belgium. 90 years later an extraordinary find came to light. Inside a biscuit tin stored for decades in a shed on the Grinton farm – and headed for the rubbish – was a large collection of negatives and photographs; images taken by Jack and Bert Grinton between 1916 and 1919 with the cameras they carried with them during the war. [Gallery media, 2009].