Shashin Nineteenth–century Japanese Studio Photography

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Shashin Nineteenth–century Japanese Studio Photography

Collective title

A National Gallery of Victoria travelling exhibition


National Gallery Of Victoria: International. (8 February 2005 – 22 May 2005)

Latrobe Regional Gallery. (2 July 2005 – 28 August 2005)

Ballarat Fine Art Gallery. (13 January 2006 – 21 March 2006)


(2005 – 2006)


Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (VIC). Photographs


Isobel Crombie

Countries of context

Australia | Japan


 In the mid nineteenth century a distinctive style of photography developed in Japan. Shashin (Japanese for ‘photography’) features delicately hand-coloured photographs posed in the studio. The exhibition is the first in Australia to explore this remarkable period in photography where Western and Japanese photographers followed the conventions and subject matter of the famed ukiyo-e woodblock prints to show courtesans, actors and scenes of entertainment. It was a time when photography gave realism to genre studies while helping create stylised depictions of a traditional lifestyle that, in many cases, were becoming increasingly rare. [Gallery media, 2005]

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