After image: Screenprints of Andy Warhol.

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After image: Screenprints of Andy Warhol.

Collective title

A National Gallery of Australia travelling exhibition.


National Gallery Of Australia (6 September 2003 – 4 April 2004)

Artspace Mackay. (21 May 2004 – 11 July 2004)

Bendigo Art Gallery (16 October 2004 – 5 December 2004)


(2003 – 2004)


Single-artist exhibition. Located: Australia. Prints.

Country of context



Andy Warhol (1928–1987) was a key figure from the early 1960s in the Pop Art movement that emerged in America. He took his themes from the familiar, the famous and the everyday. Well-known icons were a favourite – Marilyn Monroe, Elvis, Chairman Mao, Muhammad Ali and Mick Jagger all appeared in his art. So too the ever-present products in daily life, such as the humble can of Campbell’s soup (which the artist had eaten for lunch). Warhol also frequently borrowed from sources such as the photographs in sensational tabloids or pulp magazines. [Gallery media, 2003].