LINDSAY, Lionel | LINDSAY, L. | LINDSAY, Lionel Sir | LL [in monogram]

(1874–1961) Australian | Male

(brother of Percy, Norman, Daryl and Ruby LINDSAY). Worked: Australia (VIC, NSW). Etchings, Lithographs, Mezzotints, Woodcuts, Wood-engravings

Art critic | Artist (painter) | Artist (water-colouristist) | Drawer | Illustrator | Painter | Photographer | Printmaker


National Gallery Of Victoria [1].

(1869 – August 1968)

Public Gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

National Library Of Australia

(August 1968)

Exhibition venue. Located: Australia (ACT).

New England Regional Art Museum (NERAM) | NERAM


Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Home of the Howard Hinton, Chandler Coventry & NERAM Collections

Newcastle Region Art Gallery


Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

P.& D. Colnaghi & Co. | COLNAGHI & CO

Commercial gallery. Located: England.

Parbury House

(by 1937)

Penrith Regional Gallery & The Lewers Bequest. | LEWERS BEQUEST AND  PENRITH REGIONAL GALLERY


Public gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Preece Gallery's Gallery Of Australian Art | PREECE'S GALLERY OF AUSTRALIAN ART

Prouds [Art] Gallery

(November 1965)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (NSW).

Historical, contemporary paintings, prints

Royal Academy

Exhibition venue. Located: England.

Royal South Australian Society Of Arts Gallery | Societies Gallery | Royal S.A. Society of Arts Gallery | Royal Society of Arts' Gallery | R.S.A. Society of Ars Gallery | Society of Arts Gallery | South Australian Society of Arts Gallery | Royal Society of Arts Building

Art society gallery. Located: Australia (SA).

Sedon Galleries [1]

(13 October 1925)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Sedon Galleries [2] | SEDON galleries?

Sedon Galleries [3].

(by 1935)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Sedon Galleries [4].

(by 1937)

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (VIC).

Sheldon Gallery

Commercial gallery. Located: Australia (QLD).

The Abbey Gallery

(by 1928)

Commercial gallery. Located: England.