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Trent Walter is a Melbourne based printmaker and writer. In 2009, he established Negative Press, a fine art custom printmaking workshop focussing on etching and silkscreen techniques. Recent projects include a multiple panel silkscreen portrait of Professor Marcia Langton by Brook Andrew, commissioned by the National Portrait Gallery, Canberra, and two interdisciplinary works involving etching, silkscreen and collage elements by Sally Smart, published by Port Jackson Press Australia.

Since early 2007, Trent has worked closely with interdisciplinary artist Brook Andrew as his assistant. In this role, Trent has assisted with or facilitated various excursions in print and other media undertaken by the artist as a part of his broader practise that includes works in neon, mixed media, public art and installation.

Prior to his work with Negative Press, and concurrent to his ongoing work with Andrew, Trent worked as a senior printer at Singapore Tyler Print Institute, Singapore. And previous to these roles he was workshop manager at Northern Editions, Darwin and senior printer at Port Jackson Press Australia, Melbourne.

His art writing has appeared in Australian Art Review, IMPRINT and Art Monthly Australia.

[courtesy of Trent Walter, 21 July 2010]