Print@CDU: printmaker's perspective

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Print@CDU: printmaker's perspective


Charles Darwin University Art Collection & Art Gallery. (27 February 2016 – 22 April 2016)




Multi-artist exhibition. Located: Australia (NT). Prints.


Angel, Anita.

Country of context



CDU Art Gallery explores the diverse printmaking techniques used by artists and printmakers in the creation of limited edition prints.

Artists include Brook Andrew, Jean Baptiste Apuatimi, Dion Beasley, G.W. Bot, Rob Brown, Johnny Bulunbulun, Djambu Burra Burra, Jan Billycan, Jazmina Cininas, Timothy Cook, Dian Darmansjah, John Dent, Wayne Eager, Janenne Eaton, Rona Green, Franck Gohier, Chayni Henry, Lily Karadada, Mikael Kihlman, Martin King, Alun Leach-Jones, Marco Luccio, Chips Mackinolty, Bea Maddock, Yuan Mor'o Ocampo, Therese Ritchie, Jörg Schmeisser, Tony Stewart, Gloria Tamerre Petyarre, Freddie Timms, Conrad Tipungwuti, Guy Warren, Judy Watson, Deborah Williams and Ding Yi.This exhibition is in celebration of 50 years of the Print Council of Australia. [Charles Darwin University media].